Agua y Sol

The project involves full renovating of three rental buildings into a cohesive Bohemian-style complex. This design emphasizes natural materials and creates a relaxed, artistic, and inviting atmosphere, the renovation will embrace vibrant colors, eclectic furnishings, and natural materials like reclaimed wood, oak cladding, and stone accents. Lush native vegetation will enhance the exterior, with pathways made of natural stone or wood decking.

The landscaping will include native plants to create a serene environment., while inside, ground-floor rooms will be reconfigured to offer direct access to private swimming pools, with sliding glass doors providing a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. Hardwood floors, exposed wooden beams, and eco-friendly finishes will be used throughout. Furnishings will feature eclectic items, woven rugs, and indoor plants to enhance the Boho aesthetic. Sustainable practices will be prioritized, including energy-efficient systems like solar panels and high-efficiency HVAC, low-flow plumbing fixtures, rainwater harvesting, and the use of drought-resistant plants. Construction waste will be minimized, with a focus on using sustainable and recycled materials. 

Buildings’ area: 400 m2 total
Location: Marmari Corfu island
Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Year 2024

Harmonious Retreat

Designing a Complex of Two Touristic Houses at St. Stefano Village.

Nestled within the serene landscape of St. Stefano Village lies the blueprint for a harmonious retreat: a complex of two houses designed for touristic purposes. With a prime location and a focus on blending luxury with nature, this complex promises an immersive experience for guests seeking tranquility and rejuvenation. Embracing the ethos of sustainable tourism, each element of the design, from orientation to amenities, contributes to a seamless fusion of comfort and environmental consciousness.

Design Concept: At the heart of the design philosophy is the seamless integration of two houses, each spanning 100m², complemented by the natural beauty of St. Stefano Village. The architectural layout is meticulously crafted to maximize space while offering unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape. Oriented to face northeast, guests are greeted by the gentle embrace of the morning sun, fostering a sense of warmth and vitality.

The exterior design strikes a delicate balance between modern elegance and traditional charm, utilizing locally-sourced materials to harmonize with the natural environment. Earthy tones and sustainable building practices ensure that the complex remains in harmony with its surroundings, minimizing its ecological footprint while exuding understated sophistication.

In the tapestry of St. Stefano Village, the complex of two touristic houses stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of luxury and sustainability. From its seamless integration into the landscape to its unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, every aspect of the design reflects a profound respect for both nature and culture. As guests embark on a journey of discovery and rejuvenation, they are invited to experience the true essence of Mediterranean hospitality—a timeless embrace of warmth, beauty, and serenity.

Buildings’ area: 100 m2 each house , 200 m2 total
Location: St Stefano village Corfu island
Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Year 2024

Kifisia modern classic house 



This project proposes a modern classic two-story residence with three bedrooms and a well-designed layout to maximize livability within a restricted plot size. The design aims to seamlessly integrate the home’s modern aesthetic with the rich architectural heritage of the area of Kifisia in Athens, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary living.

The home’s exterior embraces clean lines, geometric forms, and an emphasis on natural light, reflecting the essence of modern architecture. The overall form of the house is compact and streamlined, ensuring optimal utilization of the limited plot area. Large windows and sliding glass doors connect the interior spaces to the outdoor surroundings, allowing natural light to flood the home and blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

This modern classic residence in Athens offers a harmonious blend of traditional Greek architectural elements and contemporary design principles. The compact layout, thoughtful interior design, and emphasis on natural light create a comfortable and inviting living space within a limited plot area. The home seamlessly integrates with its surroundings, while its sustainable features contribute to environmental stewardship.

This project demonstrates the ability to create a high-quality living space that respects the architectural heritage of Athens while embracing modern living trends. The home’s compact design, efficient layout, and emphasis on natural light make it an ideal solution for families seeking a stylish and sustainable residence in the vibrant city of Athens.

Building’s area: 161.27 m2 + basement
Location: Kifisia Athens 
Architectural design: Katechis and partners
Year: 2023


the Mediterranean 

6 Post

Nestled within the enchanting embrace of a traditional village and amidst an olive grove, this forthcoming villa harmoniously melds into the local architectural tapestry while preserving the time-honored essence of its surroundings. Embracing the heritage of the area, the villa embodies the quintessential charm of the region’s architectural ethos. The villa pays homage to the land by retaining the lush foliage, intertwining the essence of nature with its design. The structure, spanning across a basement, ground floor, and first floor, seamlessly weaves modern comfort into the fabric of tradition.

The exterior façade mirrors the distinctive elements of the village’s architectural heritage, employing local materials and embracing the vernacular style. An inviting swimming pool, tastefully integrated into the landscape, offers a serene oasis amid the olive trees. Nearby, a carefully planned barbecue area beckons residents and guests to savor the essence of communal gatherings, echoing the convivial spirit of the village.

Inside, the villa exudes warmth and authenticity, with interiors that pay homage to local craftsmanship and design motifs. The spacious layout seamlessly connects the living areas to outdoor terraces, fostering a sense of continuity between indoor comfort and the natural splendor of the olive grove.

The project’s commitment to preserving the surroundings and honoring the heritage of the village exemplifies a balanced blend of tradition and modernity, offering a haven where history, nature, and contemporary living converge in harmony.

Buildings’ area: 200 m2
Location: Gastouri village Corfu island
Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Year 2023


EX – V

Nestled atop a gentle slope overlooking the serene expanse of the sea, the architectural essence of this new villa is a compelling blend of contemporary design and natural elements. Partially constructed from locally sourced stone, this residence is an ode to elegance, seamlessly merging with its picturesque surroundings while embracing modernity.

Integrating stone into the villa’s structure not only grants it a striking visual appeal but also embodies a connection to the land. This material choice not only adds a rustic charm but also provides excellent insulation, harmonizing the dwelling with its environment.

The façade, a seamless composition of stone and expansive glass panels, effortlessly frames the captivating sea views, inviting the beauty of nature into the living spaces. The design ethos places a premium on the fusion of indoor and outdoor living, with thoughtfully designed terraces and courtyards that offer both privacy and an open connection to the natural landscape.

Sustainability remains integral to the villa’s design, featuring eco-conscious elements such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems, reflecting a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Envisioned as a sanctuary where modern luxury converges with the timeless allure of the sea, this villa stands as a testament to architectural finesse and provides an idyllic retreat for relaxation and appreciation of the surrounding beauty.

Buildings’ area: 180 m2
Location: Vigla Corfu island
Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Year 2023


Erikousa palace hotel


The hotel is located in a beautiful Erikousa island setting, surrounded by lush greenery. The buildings are arranged in a circular pattern around a central pool, creating a sense of community and shared space. The two-story blocks provide a variety of accommodation options, from standard rooms to suites, each room has a private balcony or patio, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. It is designed to be environmentally friendly, it uses a number of sustainable features and it has a rainwater harvesting system, which collects rainwater for use in the gardens and the pool. Used stones from the area, that enhance the sense of place and create a more sustainable building.

Buildings’ area: 1600 m2
Location: Erikousa island
Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Christina Hotel

The revival of Christina’s apartments, was a project of responsibility, sitting on a valley, only minutes from Sidari center, it was conceived in the 1980s as a holiday destination. Our proposal was to change the existing apartments to a modern hotel and extend it to a new building. Instead of following the existing architectural style, we decided to design something completely unique, modern with natural materials. Respecting the customers’ needs, the environment, and owners’ dreams. The systematic array of the unit provides a beautiful integration of low-density, harmonic building, hiding it from view away in the landscape, allowing the latter to take the front stage of the composition. The buildings further connect to their surroundings by stretching their walls outwards, creating in-between spaces in order to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. 

Buildings’ area: 900 m2

Location: Sidari, Corfu island

Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Year: 2023

Extending the Bella Vista

The existing villa was designed by our office in 2017, sitting on a magnificent cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea. The proposal pays homage and is inspired by the architectural ethos and ingenuity of the original project, responding creatively to contemporary needs for a minimum carbon footprint and conscious construction practices. Utilizing the same architectural language of honesty and naked beauty that is found in the existing buildings, we step on the traces of the original structures to repurpose the very same local stone, assembled in linear walls, and create a subterranean building underneath.

Buildings’ area: 260 m2

Location: Erikousa island

Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Year: 2023

Boxes in the olive grove

v2 Post

v3 Post


This two-story modern villa with a flat roof is located in the midst of an olive grove and is designed to respect and blend seamlessly into the natural environment. The villa’s architecture frames breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape from every room, allowing residents to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

The villa features three spacious ensuite bedrooms, each designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious living experience. Two bedrooms are located on the upper level of the villa, with each room boasting a private balcony overlooking the olive grove and surrounding landscape.

The villa’s modern design is characterized by clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and the use of natural materials such as wood and stone, which seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment. The flat roof not only provides a sleek and contemporary look but also serves as a functional space for outdoor relaxation and entertainment.

Overall, this modern villa offers a luxurious and comfortable living experience while respecting and celebrating the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Buildings’ area: 195 m2

Location: Arillas, Corfu island

Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Year: 2023

White motives 




This complex of villas is located at St Stefano village northeast of Corfu island. It is a mix of subterranean, metamodern architectural design combined with a detailed landscape design, which respects the microclimate of the area.  The shape and orientation of the plot defined the basic compositional principles. The volumes of the complex are distributed on the basis of the nature of the terrain and the visitor’s spatial perception is determined by optical escapes. It consists of 4 uniform independent volumes, with clear geometric relations in between them, which are derived from the organization of the plan, and can be used as independent housing or as a hotel. 

Buildings’ area: 800 m2

Location: St Stefano, Corfu island

Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Year: 2023



The site is dominated by overgrown olive trees, which create a tranquil forestry feel, the existing mature trees are maintained and the vegetation has been enriched with fine-grained earth, dense green bushes, colorful aromatic shrubs, and young trees.

The aim is to enhance the connection between the family residence and its surroundings creating airy and relaxed spaces. The building forms a corner shape enclosing a courtyard, the main outdoor hardscape area with the water element, which serves as an intermediary zone for outdoor living and leisure.

Further, the extension of the garden is preserved in its forest state, offering both privacy and a sense of secluded safety.

Building’s area: 200 m2

Location: Perithia, Corfu island

Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Year: 2022



This summer house is located in the Roda area close to the village. The modern design with the use of local natural materials (stone, white plaster, and wood) manages to merge the facades of the building with the environment. Wooden pergolas and structural elements fully integrated into the environment try to protect the users from the intense sun and wind of north part of Corfu island.  It consists of uniform independent volumes, with clear geometric relations in between them, which are derived from the organization of the plan. The orientation of the residence arises from the need for unobstructed views to the northwest and the need for a site protected from the north wind in the region. The dissolution of the boundary between the indoors and outdoors was also used as a synthetic tool. Large glazings dissolve that boundary and unify the site.

Building’s area: 200 m2

Location: Roda, Corfu island

Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Year: 2022

Water park hotel

The project was the transformation of two apartment buildings, into a hotel and the construction of a new building. 

Building’s area: 1.097 m2

Location: Sidari, Corfu island

Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Year: 2022


Hidden Gem

The villa is located in the Nisaki area. The main architectural challenge came in dealing with the steep, rocky, exposed site. The villa enjoys a uniquely privileged location and the richest nature of olive groves, cypress trees, and local herbs rising from the rear mountain, a step away from the villa threshold. In order to fit harmonically in the Corfiot landscape, we wanted to create an identity and a system out of which a series of structures would be born, each of them unique in adaptation to its surroundings, but all sharing an architectural language.

Building’s area: 220 m2

Location: Nissaki, Corfu island

Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Year: 2022

Waterstone estate

The villa is located in the Barbati area very close to the beach. Inspired by the traditional vernacular of the nearby region, the estate has a distinctive architectural character that gives it a strong identity. Having identified the key features and characteristics of the buildings and the traditional textures and construction techniques of the region, our proposal for this Villa works as a natural continuation of the same approach. A clear separation of social and private zones and seamless circulation between internal and external space provides residents with a peaceful, comfortable lifestyle, in close contact with the surrounding landscape and architecture.  The pool is strategically placed to enjoy the view but also to create a cooling breeze into the house as the north wind flows uphill and over its surface.  The landscape is respected, creeps up along the site boundaries, and penetrates vertically through the roof as existing trees stand in the space, undisturbed. 

Building’s area: 400 m2

Location: Barbati, Corfu island

Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Year: 2022


The small summer hotel is located at Stavros, a traditional village of Ithaca, well known as the area where king Odysseus’ palace was. A scenic site with distinctive trees. The view of the Ionian Sea, the coastal atmosphere, and the nature that encourages an active outdoor life had an important influence on the design. The hotel doesn’t shout out its presence – neither does it disappear into the crowd, but it has an artistic edge, it is a project that prioritizes light and views through its characteristic jagged contours. 

Buildings’ area: 240 m2

Location: Stavros, Ithaca island

Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Year: 2022

The Mediterranean Home

The Mediterranean house is a residential house that balances luxury and nature. The highlight of this house is how many areas are dedicated to the entrance and the combination of the front and the back yard. This is done so that when you enter the house, the person is taken on a journey that builds the mood.

When entering the front yard area, the pool and the garden will immediately greet guests before finally stepping into the house building at the back. These two elements from the beginning have shown the balance that is the theme of this house. The building is made natural, with the use of stone and wood.

Building’s area: 194 m2

Location: Lefkimi, South Corfu

Architectural design: Katechis and partners 

Year: 2021

Sun-kissed house

The waves and the sun are totally kissing this home, which holistically integrates light, air, greenery, materials, and views.

The land was surrounded by existing mature trees on the periphery, that we wanted to leave untouched so that the home and design to be ruled by the sun’s path integrating and allowing the free flow of natural light and air.

The building responds directly to the site where it is placed, gaining color and texture from the originality of the local stone

Integrating the home into its natural setting was a key part of the conceptual planning and a priority for the homeowners; most living spaces open up to or overlook verdant pockets of native plant species, which serve as a common thread of the spatial experience.

Building’s area 182,80 m2

Location: Othonoi Island

Architectural design: Katechis and partners

Year: 2021

The Cubes

The residence is a rectilinear shape facing the sea, allowing for amazing views to be experienced from all points, so each room is imbued with the energy of abundant natural light and a panoramic view.

This project was a bet, was a struggle between cost and quality, and an effort to combine the old structure with the new one, so as to become a «home».

The strong ground slope and the hardscape led us to create a basement, to gain the balance we needed at a lower cost. Solving this problem, we continue to find a solution to the heat. So, we made the cubes, which allow the light but not the whole heat inside the rooms.

The orchestration of large, glazed expanses, protected from the heat via the elevation boxes, instead of obtrusive walls is a conscious calibration to lend a sense of transparency, connectivity, and inclusion.

At its essence, this is a home at peace with itself: where life flows like sunlight and the breeze, willing the visitor to stop and stare.

Building’s area: 89,22 m2

Location: Agios Stefanos, North Corfu

Architectural design: Katechis and partners

Year: 2021

The Bread Factory

You may not be able to distinguish it from a luxury apartment building but this is a bread factory.

On the ground floor, the half-wall on the facade of the building is decorated with perforations and specially designed “flower shaped’ cutouts. This shading panel has a dual use, to bloom the building and to gain privacy.

Saving energy was the key role of this project due to its use as an industrial building. You can observe the vertical wooden awnings on the first floor that offer shading and coolness, while on the ground floor the construction material of the facade is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Furthermore, the main goal of the interior is the perfect functionality for the employees.

Building’s area: 993,18 m2

Location: Sidari, North Corfu

Architectural design: Katechis and partners

Year: 2021

Terezas  Hotel

The hotel guest using this facility experiences a sense of the existing woodlands while exercising at the base or in the canopy of the mature trees. The proposed building mass is divided into three volumes. The form alone was not the aim of the design instead, the form followed the function of the internal spaces. In more detail, inside the existing building, but on a new plot, the owner asked us for two extensions at different times. It is obvious not only the effort to adapt to a traditional ecosystem, but also to maintain the uniformity between the buildings.

Buildings’ total area: 689,24 m2

Location: Sidari North Corfu

Architectural design: Katechis and partners

Year: 2021

villa Lamda

In order to fulfill this inside-outside expectation, the project would respect the amazing beauty of nature and natural surroundings, by using pure, well-framed lines, a big volume of fenestration, and glass, as a special feature. The project seeks to make the most out of the house located in its geographical and natural environment in order to exploit its interaction with it. That way, it takes advantage of all possible relationships between interior spaces and, especially, between indoor and outdoor spaces, offering family members the Mediterranean climate’s so desired “outdoor life”, while at the same time four big arches, give privacy to the yard and rooms.

Building’s area:  220 m2

Location: Sidari North Corfu

Architectural design: Katechis and partners

Year: 2021

villa Arch

final view1 pp

final view2 pp

This summer house hosts a family and their guests. The design process was defined by the clients’ desire to maximize the view of St Spiridon bay. The main intention was to unify the various spaces of the house under one roof facing the Ionian sea, without creating a massive volume, accommodating itself however gently into the steep and intense topography of the site.  The outdoor common spaces include two open “courtyards” shielded from the sun and the central part of the court, open to sunbathing and children’s plays. They offer vast relaxation spaces, either sheltered from the sun or open. All spaces were designed so that they could offer a great view of the Ionian and allow the visitor to become one with its surroundings.

Building area: 170 m2

Location: Perithia, North Corfu

Architectural design: Katechis and partners

Year: 2021

Athina Hotel

AA 2 scaled

D 2 scaled

e 1 scaled

Once again to an already existing hotel, we tried to integrate two new buildings in order to expand the hotel. The architectural plan was designed to organize dwelling units in the front part, which could create and maximize the number of sea view room types, almost 50 percent of all units in this hotel, and the rest could receive the relaxing view from a linear swimming pool. In the first building these three stories hotel is not stacking in the same system but the dwelling units instead of following each other sequentially, some are further back and some further forward. We used almost the same technique in the second building, in which we made volumes of 3 levels that are deliberately oriented to the southwest. This volumetric play makes it possible to create privatization of each exterior space of the rooms.

Buildings’ total area: 2200 m2, 

Location: Ag. Stefanos North Corfu

Architectural design: Katechis and partners

Year: 2021

villa Π

 ΟΨΗ 1 scaled

Location: Velonades North Corfu
Year: 2021

Hilltop houses

This project was the result of really hard work on a super narrow plot. Struggling to find the greatest solution, based always on the principle of low cost, we manage to fit in two majestic houses. Isolated from each other, but with a curved road to unite them, they can function as the main house and a guest house. We designed a contemporary dwelling that embraces nature but departs from the typology of typical Corfiot architecture while bringing it one step further. The game between geometries, transparencies, and reflections enhances the architecture of the house.

Buildings area: 178 m2

Location: Agios Stefanos North Corfu

Architectural design: Katechis and partners

Year: 2020

DestinoBlue Spa Hotel

Destino Blue Hotel & Spa is a contemporary and stylish getaway located in the heart of Sidari, mainly designed to accommodate tourists during the summer. With 5 different room types, a restaurant, bars, and a spa easily became the leading hotel in the area.

Buildings’ total area: 2200 m2, 

Location: Sidari North Corfu,

Architectural design: Katechis and partners, 

Year: 2018

Villa Bella Vista
 A 3

Respecting the island’s tradition and history we worked within the confines of the original built and repurposed elements of the home. Overlooking the coastline the home is taking full advantage of the Ionian Sea, while the uninterrupted view is on offer from all the rooms. It mainly focuses on sustainable living, manifesting comfort, and easy living. 

Building’s area: 169 m2

Location: Ereikoussa island.

Architectural design: Katechis and partners

Year: 2017

At the Edge

Buildings’ total area: 180 m2

Location: Othonoi island.

Architectural design: Katechis and partners

Year: 2013

Villa Palma

Building’s total area:  300 m2

Location: Barbati north Corfu

Architectural design: katechis_and_partners

Year: 2005

the triple Maisonette 


Building’s total area:  900 m2

Location: Alepou Corfu

Architectural design: katechis_and_partners

Year: 2003

On top of the hill house

Building’s total area:  300 m2

Location: Kontokali Corfu island

Architectural design: katechis_and_partners

Year: 2002

Le Petit house

Building’s total area:  90 m2

Location: Potamos Corfu island

Architectural design: katechis_and_partners

Year: 2001


Zafiropoulou apartment block

Building’s total area:  900 m2

Location: Corfu town

Architectural design: katechis_and_partners

Year: 2000