Latest Projects

Sun-kissed house


The waves and the sun are totally kissing this home, which holistically integrates light, air, greenery, materials and views.

The land was surrounded by existing mature trees on the periphery, that we wanted to left untouched so as the home and design to be ruled by the sun path integrating and allowing the free flow of natural light and air.

The building responds directly to the site where it is placed, gaining color and texture from the originality of the local stone

Integrating the home into its natural setting was a key part of the conceptual planning and a priority for the homeowners; most living spaces open up to or overlook verdant pockets of native plant species, which serve as a common thread of the spatial experiencie.

Builidng area 182,80 m2

Location: Othonoi Island

Architectural design: katechis and partners


The Cubes

-The cube

The residence is a rectilinear shape facing the sea, allowing for amazing views to be experienced from all points, so each room is imbued with the energy of the abundant natural light and a panoramic view.

This project was a Bet, was a struggle between cost and quality and an effort to combine the old structure with the new one, as to become a «home».

The strong ground slope and the hardscape led us to create a basement, to gain the balance we needed at a lower cost. Solving this problem, we continue to find a solution to the heat. So, we made the cubes, which allow the light but not the whole heat inside the rooms.

The orchestration of large, glazed expanses, protected from the heat via the elevation boxes, instead of obtrusive walls is a conscious calibration to lend a sense of transparency, connectivity, and inclusion.

At its essence, this is a home that is at peace with itself: where life flows like sunlight and the breeze, willing the visitor to stop and stare.

Builidng area: 89,22 m2

Location: Agios Stefanos North Corfu

Architectural design: katechis and partners


The Bread Factory

Υou may not be able to distinguish it from a luxury apartment building but this is a bread factory.

On the ground floor the half-wall on the facade of the building is decorated with perforations, specially designed “flower shaped’ cutouts. This shading panel has a dual-use, to bloom the building and to gain privacy.

Saving energy was the key role to this project due to its use as an industrial building. You can observe the vertical wooden awnings on the first floor that offer shading and coolness, while on the ground floor the construction material of the facade is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Furthermore, the main goal of the interior is the perfect functionality for the employees.

Builidng area: 993,18 m2

Location: Sidari North Corfu

Architectural design: katechis and partners


Terezas  Hotel

The hotel guest using this facility experiences a sense of the existing woodlands while exercising at the base or in the canopy of the mature trees.

The proposed building mass is divided into three volumes. The form alone was not the aim of the design but instead, the form followed the function of the internal spaces.

In more detail, inside the existing building, but on a new plot, the owner asked us for two extensions at different times. It is obvious not only the effort to adapt to a traditional ecosystem, but also to maintain the uniformity between the buildings.

Builidng area: 689,24 m2

Location: Sidari North Corfu

Architectural design: katechis and partners


villa Lamda


villa Arch


Athina Hotel


villa Π

In order to fulfill this inside-outside expectation, the project would respect the amazing beauty of nature and natural surroundings, by using pure, well-framed lines, big volume of fenestration and glass, as a special feature.

The project seeks to make the most out of the house location in its geographical and natural environment in order to exploit its interaction with it.

That way, it takes advantage of all possible relationships between interior spaces and, specially, between indoor and outdoor spaces, offering family members the Mediterranean climate’s so desired “outdoor life”, while at the same time four big arches, give privacy to the yard and rooms.

Builidng area: 196 m2

Location: Velonades North Corfu

Architectural design: katechis and partners


villa Hilltop

This project was the result of a really hard work on a super narrow plot. Struggling to find the greatest solution, based always on the principle of low-cost, we manage to fit in two majestic houses.

Isolated from each other, but with a curved road to unite them, they can function as a main house and a guest house. We designed a contemporary dwelling that embraces nature but departs from the typology of typical Corfiot architecture, while bringing it one step further .

The game between geometries, transparencies, and reflections enhances the architecture of the house.

Builidng area: 178 m2

Location: Agios Stefanos North Corfu

Architectural design: katechis and partners


DestinoBlue Hotel


villa Bella Vista

Overlooking the coastline the home is taking full advantage of the Ionian Sea, while the uninterrupted view is on offer from all the rooms.

Respecting the island’s tradition and history we worked within the confines of the original built and repurposing elements of the home. It has now a newfound focus on sustainable living, manifesting comfortable and inviting spaces to grow in.

Building area : 169

Location: Ereikoussa island.

Architectural design: katechis_and_partners

Paralia Suites


Villa Barbati


Zafiropoulou apartment block